Interesting Hand Lettering

513 a51ecbb8691a7a84c4dbdcb9d3051513 Bob-Dylan_hand-lettering-experience_07 ged-02 Hand-Lettering-Example-520x390 ralejandro_5 tattoo-lettering-styles-alphabet typography_inspiration_15 typography-quotes-inspiration-011I personally enjoy the detail in all the hand lettering drawings. I like the curves and shading in the letters. The artistic style of each letter really makes the entire set of words come to life.


Jean-Michel Basquiat


Jean-Michel Basquiat was an interesting yet misunderstood artist. His work spoke to the public by putting emphasis and spotlight on world problems and everyday issues.His work reminds me of doodles I used to right in my note book in kindergarten with crayons. In my opinion, being a more realistic artist myself  his work was really not that great and I feel he got his fame through luck, but his work is very eye catching so his work catches your attention whether you like it or not. His personal mad him stand out, from the clothing he wore to the way he styled his hair. It is claimed that as he became famous and put under the spot light colliding with other celebrity names the strength of his work in his pieces changed. His pieces were not as strong with meaning when he became a celebrity than when he was just a normal street artist. Basquiat’s work makes people of any class poor, middle-class, wealthy, think and comprehend situations and bring together different view points making everyone equal.

HIPHOP LEGEND Tupac shakur

Tupac ShakurTupac ShakurTupac ShakurTupac Shakur

These four images all have something in common….they are all using colors of public figures or images. The top left has the colors of a Christmas tree incorporated into it. The top right has the enticing colors of McDonalds restaurants incorporated into it. The bottom left image uses colors inspired by the popular  child figure barney the dinosaurs . The bottom right images is inspired by the colors of a sprite can. All of the colors incorporated in my pop art images were inspired from everyday images I see constantly.

tupac shakur pop art

Tupac Shakurlately I have been making pop art pictures of Tupac. a lot of these pop art portraits re food or beverage color based. My last pop art posted was Mcdonalds theme colored. This particular one takes on the colors of a sprite bottle

black an white celebrity: TUPAC

Tupac ShakurMy name is La’Ja Gause. This is a picture of my idol,and ispiration even though he’s deceased his music still consistently holds meaning. This is a black an white edited picture of Tupac Shakur. It is a pop art photo. I touched up areas of his face using adobe photoshop. I mostly touched up the highlighted white areas as well as the light and dark gray areas.