Jean-Michel Basquiat


Jean-Michel Basquiat was an interesting yet misunderstood artist. His work spoke to the public by putting emphasis and spotlight on world problems and everyday issues.His work reminds me of doodles I used to right in my note book in kindergarten with crayons. In my opinion, being a more realistic artist myself  his work was really not that great and I feel he got his fame through luck, but his work is very eye catching so his work catches your attention whether you like it or not. His personal mad him stand out, from the clothing he wore to the way he styled his hair. It is claimed that as he became famous and put under the spot light colliding with other celebrity names the strength of his work in his pieces changed. His pieces were not as strong with meaning when he became a celebrity than when he was just a normal street artist. Basquiat’s work makes people of any class poor, middle-class, wealthy, think and comprehend situations and bring together different view points making everyone equal.


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