718530a56ef081d97a563e2b46311d92_650xi think the artist legally has every right to take the peoples photos and sell them. Its the people’s fault who post their photos on a public website also making their personal instagram page public allowing anyone to be able to obtain their photos. my saying is that ” you should always find a legal way to make money dong as little work as possible”. This is something that I would do and im actually upset that I didn’t think of it first. This man made 90,000 dollars off of simple instagram photos that weren’t even his which means he made enough money to buy atleast 10 houses by doing little to none work. Although I feel bad for whoever spent so much money on such cheap prints because the original artist or photographers are selling them for a WAY lower price. Although I think the people who bought the pictures are stupid because they could have just screen shotted the instgram photos and had them professionally printed on a canvas on their own and even sold them. the people who probably posted the pictures are most likely the underdogs in the situation because they really get no money…but at the same time the instagram page as well as the people in the photos and photographers are getting exposer for their art work allowing them to get noticed and gain more instagram followers.For example now that my friends and I have seen this post we are urged to go follow the suicide girls instagram page.


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