1. What do you hope to accomplish, learn, or create in Media this year?

-I hope to learn to be more computer savy so I can edit things more on my own and be more independent when using editors like Photoshop.
2. What are 5 of your current favorite songs that could be played in class?

-take me to church, lay me down, not the only one, no love, I think I found myself a cheerleader
3. Whose is responsible if the computer crashes and your project disappears? What will happen?

-The student is responsible because they weren’t saving their work as they were working. All their work will be lost then they’ll have to start all over again.
4. How will you back up your work?

-File then save constantly as you’re working.
5. When is food allowed in the Media Lab?

-Only when Mrs.Lawson brings treats. Other than that never.
6. List the circumstance under which I may refuse to offer you extra help:

-If a student wasn’t paying attention to your demonstrartion . Also if the student doesn’t try and help themselves first and look at the word blog.
7. List some easy ways to gain participation points:

-Come on time to class, make blog post, complete work, don’t talk during demonstration.
8. List some easy ways to lose participation points:

-Talk during the demonstration, not getting my work done, coming late to class.
9. Do you have access to a digital camera (this includes a cell phone camera)? Do you feel comfortable using this camera for class projects?

No I don’t. I’d  rather use the class computers.anigif_enhanced-buzz-5321-1406685443-4



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