official photos

official flowerofficialapples copyofficialconcreteofficialcolumsofficialfishofficialflower2officialflower3IMG_7352IMG_0405IMG_0404I don’t find any of my photos unique I honestly hate taking pictures of photos that aren’t of me or have nothing to do with what I like. I would honestly prefer to take photos of other things like graffiti or local paintings and drawing of artist or pictures of my art work. I honestly just did what I was taught and only completed this project for the class grade although I found taking photos of road signs and close up on flowers the most interesting. When I took pictures of the concrete I was trying to be interesting and see things from an ant’s perspective or any insect as they’re crawling on the ground. Most of my photos were just random, like I said I really don’t care much for photography of nature or random subjects, I am more of a pencil and paper type of girl. I’d rather draw what I see than take a photo of it.


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