my infograph project

My project will be based off of mcdonalds and the amount of calories and the ingredients their food contains. I will also show how the meat is produced and how long it takes the food to decay.


When I took all of my pictures I tried my best to be sneaky and take some of the pictures when no one was noticing. Alot of my¬†pictures capture moments of conversations and regular day activities like using your phone or just talking to a friend. Our project let us use people as our art subjects, just as photographers¬†Lewis Hine and Carrie Mae Weems. We also mimicked the style of the two photographers by changing our photos from color to black and white. I personally prefer the black and white effect because it makes the picture seem old as if it were from a past part of history.My personal favorite photos are the ones where I catch people making silly faces but I guess those photos didn’t really make the final cut for this project. I captured a bunch of great photos of my peers smiling and interacting with one another.img_06601 img_06721 img_06781 img_06981 img_21921 img_21931 img_22001 img_22141 img_22151 yusuf