What it represents



20160115_083917my drawing represents how minorities mainly african americans are treated in America. For years african americans have been cash slaves to the government both mentally and physically. Many of us have been put into slavery, lynched,shot, and killed. The stilts represent white supremacy showing how no matter how much equality the world we all want there is always a group of people looking down on you. The boy breaking his glasses in the back round represents how people of the world turn a blind eye to the racial injustice they see everyday choosing tl be silent than speak up.


Infographic artist statement

My infogrphic project demonstrates the amount of calories in servings of some of McDonald’s most popular foods. It at first was difficult for me to use the pen tool until I progressively started using it and it became easier to control.Creating the text by trying to use the pen tool was very difficult to me because it was hard to try and get the small details in the letters , trying to trace each individual character. I ended up needing to take the easy way out and typed in the text instead, because my words and numbers I tried to create using the pen tool came out horrible. I didn’t really enjoy this project because I am not as computer savvy like some of my other class mates, so at times I did became frustrated with not being able to produce such upgraded media work like them.

Keith Haring Vs.John Basquiat

Both ¬†artist in their own aspects caused a change and gave a new out look to the way people viewed artwork in the 80’s. Basquiat’s work gave off a more abstract feel, sometimes being accepted by his audience and sometime being misunderstood. Meanwhile Haring gave off a neater more clean cut feel with his pieces using simple pop art to communicate a message to his audience. For this i favorite Haring more.