Complete yesss

20160413_120824.jpgi used nothing but graphite plain #2 pencil to complete this drawing of rhianna the progress is so exciting to see


Street art

This art piece represents societys fien mentality for attention on social media such as tweets,shares,likes,comments, and views on snap chat. It seems like people all over the world will do just about anything for 100 facebook likes, with todays technology you cannot help but to want to stay up date and be the most popular. The chains on the mans wrist represent how humans have become prisoner to technology not being able to even move anywhere without 9/10 having our eyes glues to our cellular device screens. The had phones and bulgy eyes represent humans greedy indulgence in technology how we crave for the latest news and drama only wanting to hear and see about the latest in worlds media. Technology is so indulging people even lose sleep just to stay up and scroll their finger down their screen or update their status’s for just a few hours longer before closing their eyes.